People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic

Prime Advisory is a strategically-led communications and public relations agency based in Jakarta.

Our Core Services:
Government<br/>public relations
public relations
Brand building<br/>& positioning
Brand building
& positioning
Issues & Crisis<br/>management
Issues & Crisis
Community &<br/>stakeholder engagement
Community &
stakeholder engagement

As part of our comprehensive services, we also help clients in strategic communications planning (internal & external), capacity building, public speaking training, media relations, social media activation and media monitoring.

Our People

Our People - Valiant Budi Yogi
Our People - Nancy Natalia
Our People - Yorrys Raweyai
Our People - Hanny Kusumawati
Our People - Gizmo
Our People - Windy Ariestanty
Our People - Valiant Budi Yogi
Our People - Yorrys Raweyai
Nancy Natalia
Managing Partner

Nancy Natalia is a seasoned public relations professional with extensive experience in journalism and government relations. She handled media and communications affairs for former Indonesian Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan, and helped managed Indonesian presence in global gatherings such as the WTO, APEC, World Economic Forum and the ASEAN. A trained journalist, she has worked through the streets of Indonesia reporting for Metro TV (Indonesia) and Press TV (Iran). Her PR portfolio includes being the Indonesia Representative for FBC Media, a London-based media and public relations company, and as Consultant for Maverick, a leading Jakarta-based communications agency. Nancy graduated from Central Queensland University in Sydney with a degree in media and cultural studies and recently She attended Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education 'Applying Behavioral Insights to the Design of Public Policy.

How We Work


We conduct research and assess your business and communications needs.
How we work


We collaborate with necessary partners in order to devise and execute the communications strategy.


We devise the most suitable and effective communications strategy in order to achieve your goals.


We implement the strategy in the most time and cost effective way.
What's in it for you?
  • Covers a wide array of channels to suit different requirements of various communication issues.
  • Looked after by a team of specialists with vast knowledge and proven experience in communications and government public relations.
  • We keep the team small thus allowing us to be more cost effective and efficient.


The Art of Communicating Effectively
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Communication Plan
Public engagement/outreach
Services - 56fb34f934d3d-icon2.png
Internal Communication
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Government Public Relations
Public Communication & Public Campaign
Crisis & Issues Management
Crisis & Issues Management
Spokesperson & Media Training
Spokesperson & Media Training
Media Monitoring & Analysis
Media Monitoring & Analysis
Social Media<br/>Activation
Social Media
Event & Seminar
Event & Seminar

Communication Program Packages


Media handling/public speaking training


Content development training
(writing, photo, video)

Social media guideline


Digital asset assesment
(Corporate website, social media accounts, blog)

Medium to long term communication strategy plan

Casual media relations program
(PWI, AJI, media national, online)

Medium to large scale media engagements
(depending on news value)

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